What Gives me Patience: Motherhood Moment #8 LINK

two children in costumes riding the merry go round

by:  Jennifer Andersen

We were finished at the grocery store and the kids wanted to ride on the carousel.  I had enough quarters, so I put my bags down and watched them circle around. I had enough change for them to ride three or four times.

It was an overcast and warm day in October.  The kids and I spent the morning playing outside and the afternoon decorating and preparing for the night.  It was Halloween.  Some of our favorite friends were coming over for Trick or Treat.

There was a buzz in the air from the excitement of neighborhood kids waiting for dark, and parents who arrived home early from work.  On this afternoon, life as a stay at home mother was as I had always envisioned it.

As I stood watching my two precious loves on the carousel, I consciously paused and let my face smile.  I recognized this as a moment that makes the challenging ones easier.  It is these perfect and ordinary days that give me patience when mine is fleeting.  It is the connection that comes from days filled with pleasantness and smiles, that encourage me to speak when I want to yell.

On this afternoon, I stood and watched my children turn on the carousel. I allowed myself to bask in a moment of perfection.  I tucked it away for a later time- a moment when it is harder to see the beauty in my children’s faces.  Maybe it is  a week that has been too long, and I see two beings who need me instead of my babies who love me.  Or it is an hour that is filled with bad news or the impact of poor decisions, and my children feel like stresses instead of cuddlers.

It is moments  like the one captured above that are not only commemorated on film, but are inhaled into the deepest part of myself.  It is these carefree and lovely afternoons that provide me strength to keep being a mom on days when I would prefer to resign.


What gives you patience?

Jennifer Andersen”>Jennifer Andersen is the creator of Our Muddy Boots.  She lives outside of Boston with her husband and two children.

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3 Replies to “What Gives me Patience: Motherhood Moment #8 LINK”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, this post helped me to step back, take a deep breath and just feel. I feel love for my son and appreciation that he is in my life. I am not anywhere near as patient as I need or want to be with him, it is constantly a work in progress. Posts like this and reminding myself that he won’t be little forever help me to slow down and really look at him and see him as he is now. My little one…

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  3. I remember when my children were little being reminded that those times wouldn’t last forever…it felt like it at the time though but now with the oldest a jr in high school I can honestly say that it went by in such a flash. I wish I had remembered to savor more of those moments but I am thankful for the memories made then and now for later.