Spin Class is Utopia?!

Is Spin Class Utopia?!  She had to be kidding!


Class is a little different now.
Class is a little different now.

I am maintaining my commitment to myself and my family of getting myself feeling good again.

On Tuesday I was at Spin class (a stationary biking class that is shockingly intense).  The instructor was motivational, strong and high energy.  I appreciated what she was offering the class, specifically me.

It used to be that I was an avid spinner.  I have the shoes and everything.

But, this was only my second class “back” and the instructor quickly reminded me of what I was missing.  Probably in more ways than she knew.

Spin class can get pretty intense.  To the point that riders enter “the zone”- a point of focus so intense that nothing beyond one’s immediate surrounding is visible.  While I was in said zone, sweating like crazy and letting the rhythm of the music determine my cadence, my instructor yelled: “this is IT.  THIS IS UTOPIA.  THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN THIS!”

I looked up at her expecting to share a smile about the joke that she had made.  But she was not kidding.

And I do not know if it was the zone that I was in, or that she was convincing;  but I believed her.

Let’s not get crazy. My personal Utopia probably involves my children, husband, chocolate and wine, but I got what she was saying.

For me, what would be better than this?

A month ago on this day I would have had too much for breakfast and would not have moved my body.  I would have been foggy, less patient and less energized.  But on this day, I knew that I would leave with a high.  A high that would last for a couple of days.

On this day I would  smile more and want to do more.  Maybe not a five-mile hike, but walk to the playground instead of drive.  Or maybe a five-mile hike.

Because after just a couple of months, I am already realizing how much better I feel. And I find myself wondering “what took me so long?”.

I know all the answers of course.  But now, I cannot imagine going back.  To having less energy, to not having my body feel like it is working.  

The plan is to keep up this healthier and more active state.  And today’s class was another step, (or spin) in solidifying my direction.  I remember now that it is all these small choices that add up to more energy, good health and yes, happiness 🙂