Truth Brings Clarity for Parenting and Beyond

image of chain with poem title overlayThe Truth of a Lie
Katrina Quitugua

To spare me the truth

You tell me a lie

I may sleep a lot easier

But the truth never dies


What never dies

Will only prevail

Once we are enlightened

All else will pale


Truth can be painful

But who really is harmed?

When lies cover injustice

We are all disarmed


Lies perpetuate ignorance

Hurt those around us

Covers the tracks

Of liars who compel us


Living in ignorance

May feel like bliss

But the truth can bring light

To that dark lonely abyss


One day I may open

My eyes that are shut

Then I will despise you

For all the truth you have cut


For lies only harm us

Suppress what is true

Truth will bring us freedom

And life will feel new



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