The Sun Lit her Up: Motherhood Moment #1

Motherhood Moment:  The Sun Lit Her Up

It was another evening spent at the beach;  likely one of our last.  Kris was able to join us, and we enjoyed dinner and drinks while we watched the kids run. Free.  We laughed and talked and spent time catching up.

When the kids needed it, they came over to snuggle, or ask us to play. Mostly though, they played with each other and built sand castles and collected sea glass.

As our time ended, Sydney ran for the rocks. Owen and Kris were packing up all of our things and Sydney and I had a few minutes; not to play together, but for me to watch her be in the world.  She examined the sand, and climbed from one big rock to another.  She paused often to turn her gaze to the ocean.

Watching her was so peaceful and the sun lit her up.  I smiled because I was complete and content.

My daughter turned toward me and her eyes said it all… peace, curiosity, confidence, and freedom to explore.

It is these little tiny moments that remind me of what I work toward.  It is these simple exchanges that overwhelm me with gratitude.