The Moment I Became a Mother

Life changes in an instant.  The world looks different, and life is more precious.  It was true for me too, the  moment I became a mother. by Jennifer Andersen

The moment I became a mother the woman I knew was gone.  Life became about different things and my focus became strong.

No longer did I worry about matching dishes or scatter rugs. And work was done half-heartedly because my heart remained at home.

The moment I became a mother my body mattered not.  Except to feed and comfort my child and wrap him in my arms.

My shirts were stained, my eyes blood red, my crazy hair unkempt.  I did not think outside of him for the months that lay ahead.

It may seem like I have sacrificed more than what seems fair.  But this singular most defining moment is one of life’s repairs .

Even though so often I feel so all alone, the moment I became I mother is the most important one I’ve known.

When I am tired and unavoidably feel so thanklessly forgotten, I will be grateful for nothing more in life than the moment I became a mother.

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5 Replies to “The Moment I Became a Mother”

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  2. Having an emotional evening already, warned hubby not to put anything too soppy on TV and then I read this!…. good job tears don’t short out laptops. x