Thanksgiving Prayers

Thanksgiving Prayers
Thanksgiving Prayers

by:  Jennifer Andersen

I am grateful that I will have food to offer my children for every meal and snack for the foreseeable future.

I pray for those parents whose children cry from hunger because they have not been given a meal in many days, and do not have a  food pantry as a last resort.

I am grateful that on my worst day, I return to a home warm with heat, lit with lamps of my choosing, and shower with water that is hot.  Whenever I want.

I pray for the mother whose child is dehydrated, and her only option is water that is also used to bathe and defecate in.

I am grateful that when my child has a small unidentifiable spot on his face that is likely nothing, we see the pediatrician on the very same day.  And that no matter where I am in this great country of mine, when my child is ill, he will receive healthcare.  Guaranteed.

I pray for the parent, whom I have met, who has to walk for seven straight days, carrying a terribly sick child, to be seen by an educated physician who lacks tools to make her well.

I am grateful that on Thanksgiving morning I will wish my neighbors a Happy Holiday on my way to spend the day with a family who  loves me.

I pray for those who sit alone, waiting for the loneliness, and the day, to pass.

I am grateful that my children are here and healthy.

I pray for the families who have received news that their child is facing a significant health challenge, and for those who have had to say good-bye.

I am grateful that when my child has a fever, I can send my husband to the pharmacy, certain they will have a fever reducer, so that I can alleviate my child’s discomfort.  And that if I cannot afford to buy it, I can ask a neighbor to buy it for me.

I pray for the mother who holds her ailing child, and has no access to medication. Not even to steal.

I am grateful that there are men and women who have sacrificed this day to protect my children and ensure that our country continues freely.

I pray for the people who see a man in uniform and hide from him, for fear of what he might to do.

I am grateful that after every meal my husband and I scrape food into the trash because we were too full to eat it.

I pray for the father who waits at the back door of a restaurant hoping for scraps to feed his hungry children.

I am grateful that I sit here in my warm home, with my husband and children happily playing as I type these words.

I pray that my family and I put prayer into action.

This entry was originally published on this blog, formerly named Pondering Jane, on November 22, 2010.

What are you grateful for?

Jennifer Andersen is the creator of Our Muddy Boots.  She lives in the Boston area with her husband and two children. Click here for advertising and media inquires. 

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