Sexism and Racism are Parenting Issues

sexism-and-racism-are-parenting-issuesSince I have been posting about things like racism, sexism, and xenophobia this year, many people have either publicly or privately demanded that I “stick to my parenting posts”. It seems they do not see the connection between parenting and these very real issues.

My passion has always been children. It’s why I keep at this blog and I don’t suspect that passion will ever fade. Whether it’s my children or someone else’s, children are the reason I get up every morning. They have been for a long time- since long before I had my own.

Children are the reason I began including a more all encompassing view in this community. It never occurred to me that someone would not see the connection.

I realize now that the demands of these individuals meant “keep posting about things that I want to read and do not disrupt my world”. (Notably it is white males who make this demand). But children live in this world, too. They are marginalized every day of their lives- most minutes of every day, in fact.

It’s easier for children with more privilege. While all children are marginalized, some children live in fear because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, or other things that make up who they are. Shall I say that again? Some children live in FEAR because of things that MAKE UP WHO THEY ARE.

If you don’t know what that fear looks like start exploring some of the Facebook feeds of the people who hold a view opposite of yours, or pick up a variety of newspapers. Their fear is real. The FEAR of these CHILDREN is REAL.

We can ease the fear of children. Maybe not these children, but of their children. WE CAN. Those of us right here, right now. We have the POWER to make these children feel safer. Can you imagine a better or more important job in your life?

How can we call ourselves child advocates if we only advocate for some children- those who are white, male, cisgender, able bodied, heterosexual, english speaking, have exactly one mother and one father, and have a home? The answer is: we cannot. We cannot call ourselves child advocates if we advocate only for some children.

When you find yourself pissed off or annoyed about what I am posting please just stick with it. It’s okay to be frustrated. It’s okay to be annoyed. It’s not okay to turn away from this important responsibility.

We are all here because we are compassionate and loving people who want to make the world better for children. Please be a child advocate- not just for some children, or the children you know, but for all children.