Rocky Mountain Storm in Pictures

Recently, I experienced weather that stirred me.  The day started out as another beautiful and sun filled Colorado Sunday.

Rocky Mountains Jennifer Andersen OurMuddyBoots.comQuickly though, the skies changed.  We could see the clouds and snow moving in over the mountains:

Colorado Storm 1 Jennifer Andersen

Within minutes, we were enveloped in snow clouds, and it fell from the sky.  It was such a unique experience, and so sudden, that I rolled down my car window and asked our neighbors if this was a normal occurrence.  It was they said.

Colorado Storm 2 Jennifer Andersen

Seeing the defined line of sun and snow was a first for me:

Colorado Storm 3 Jennifer Andersen OurMuddyBoots.comThe storm lasted about 20 minutes, and we watched it move out the same way it had moved in:

Colorado Storm 4 Jennifer Andersen

And then it was gone, and the skies looked as they did before:

Colorado Storm 6 Jennifer Andersen

One Reply to “Rocky Mountain Storm in Pictures”

  1. I always love how you can see it raining miles away in the summer. Sometimes you can see it raining, but it evaporates about halfway down & never reaches the ground. The expansive sky here really is something!