Reconsidering Sharing, Praise, Capability, and Punishing

A collection of articles for Reconsidering Sharing, Praise, Capability, and Punishing

Knowing MoreWhat to say instead of Praising by Dr. Laura Markham

“Dr. Laura…..I probably say ‘Good Job!” ten times a day….if praise isn’t a good idea, what am I supposed to say to encourage good behavior?!” – Ariana

Why I Don’t Make My Son Share by Circle of Moms

“I don’t agree with the approach of the mothers in either of these situations. I think it does a child a great disservice to teach him that he can have something that someone else has, simply because he wants it.”

Why My Child will be your Child’s Boss by CBS News

We must not confuse this with forcing independence on our children- that is not what this is about.  It is about respecting our children’s capabilities.

What to Do Instead of Punishing by Family Love Village

“You see, most children are used to being punished, so they will hide what they are doing at all costs.  So if you have punished your child before, it may take some time to get your child to openly communicate with you without being afraid of the punishment.”

I like this video because it clearly shows us that our parenting choices matter.

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