Quick Start: Living Respectfully with Children

Living Respectfully with Children

As a society we believe that children should inherently respect adults, whether adults have showed it in return or not.   I am at the beginning of learning to live respectfully with my children, and these resources are helping me get there.  Click the links below.

Living Respectfully with Children

Teaching Children Respect: “Learning to treat children with respect will require a change of heart, that can come only from a major shift in consciousness of how we view children and how we define respect.”

Parenting:  “Yet mainstream parenting advice would have us treating our children in decidedly inhuman ways, and doing things to our children that we would never even consider doing to a spouse, or a sibling, or a friend.”

Thoughts on Respect:  “I think that any time we get caught up in the idea that the child is “being disrespectful” (self-focused thinking) it can be harder to get back to thinking about what they are feeling, the need is they are expressing, and how to help them either fill the need.”

The Value of Choices:  “Arbitrary rules and limits have the characteristic that they entice kids to think about how they can get around them and can even entice kids to cheat and lie.”

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  7. This is all well and good, in fact my husband and I do our best to parent this way. But how do other positive parents deal with non-positively parented kids that are just down right bratty and are around your positively raised kid, influencing them? An example is my son 2 yo is around my 5 yo niece, when it’s time to go she tries to tell my son to say no and go against us. We’re not forceful and he’s encouraged to make lots if his own choices, but her out right “defiance” for lack of a better term really pisses me off because I don’t want her teaching my son that kind of behavior.