Quick Start Guides

A manageable and concise collection of articles and videos to introduce parents and caregivers to breastfeeding, cry it out, circumcision, living respectfully with children, spanking, and rethinking discipline.

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Want to learn more about connecting more deeply with your children, but don’t know where to start?  Would you like just a few articles to share with your spouse or mother about the importance of the parenting choices you are making?  Have a friend who is pregnant and you want to refer her to only gentle information?

These Quick Start Guides are intended to serve as a brief and manageable introduction to the topics listed.  We will continue to add both subjects and levels as well as discussions on our forum.

Check back often, bookmark the page, and know that we have chosen both written pieces and videos to introduce you and others to concepts that allow us to connect more deeply with our children.

Available Quick Start Guides

Breastfeeding 101

Circumcision 101

Cry It Out 101

Living Respectfully with Children 101


Rethinking Discipline 101

Spanking 101


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