Quick Start: Circumcision

A concise collection of information regarding circumcision for those who need the basic facts.

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Circumcision:  A Comprehensive FAQ for Expecting Parents and those Just Learning

“Parents want to make the best decision for the health of their children, but not all … health departments and medical bodies are equally forthcoming with information for parents on the risks of circumcision and care of the normal (intact) penis.”

Me But Not My Son: Questioning Jewish Circumcision by Al Rubenstein

*OMB note:  this is a must read for every parent, particularly those who live with the regret of choosing circumcision for their own child.

“No matter what, I can’t cut my kids. I will never know the advantages of being intact—how much difference this really makes—but I do know skinning a baby’s penis is wrong. I will give my sons the choice I never had. My boys will feel proud of what they are—Jewish and intact!”

An Excellent Guide for Talking to your Husband about Circumcision

“We realize this can be a very touchy subject with fathers-to-be, and often takes a well-planned approach. Here we hope to provide you with some tools so you are better prepared for a discussion with your husband or boyfriend about not circumcising.”


Here is a video:

For more resources, including research and personal accounts, click here and here.

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10 Replies to “Quick Start: Circumcision”

  1. The new complexity in this debate is the weight of evidence in support of circumcision as one way to reduce exposure to HIV. I’m not the person to explain the connection for anyone who doesn’t get it, and you’ll need to look it up yourself. Not circumsizing a boy is missing an almost vaccine-like opportunity.

    • Paul,

      I suppose “new” is a relative term, but this is neither “new” nor a “complexity”. If you look at the studies from which your words come (or what we are able to see) you will see that they are grossly unreliable. Removing the foreskin increases the likelihood of many diseases. REMOVING the foreskin is, in fact, removing a natural protection. “Quick Start Guide: Circumcision 202” will address this. For now, you can find access to this information through any of the links listed in this guide.

      You- along with many others- should be angry for being given harmful, dangerous and inaccurate information. I know I am.

    • Paul… unless you are going to teach your son that because he is circumcised, he does not have to use a condom, then circumcision does exactly NOTHING to prevent the spread of HIV. The only reason it is being promoted in countries where HIV is rampant is because they staunchly refuse to USE CONDOMS. Condom use completely and utterly negates ANY potential benefits of circumcision in preventing HIV. You are no more at risk with a foreskin as you are without if you cover it with latex. This is a huge fallacy that scares American parents into putting their newborns through unnecessary surgery in the hope that it will somehow magically protect them from a very scary disease. With the actual risk of HIV in America being incredibly low for non-IV drug users and heterosexual men, the risks of the procedure itself far outweigh the potential risk reduction. When you choose to circumcise, you INCREASE your child’s risk of contracting an MRSA (antibiotic resistant infection) by TWELVE TIMES the normal rate. To put that into perspective, the death rate from MRSA’s is 1.5 times higher than that of HIV. Why put your child at risk as a newborn in order to possibly prevent a disease that may not even be around by the time he becomes sexually active?

      If you could give your child a vaccine that would dramatically INCREASE his risk of a life-threatening infection with only a slight reduction in risk for another kind…would you? Twelve times the risk vs. slight potential reduction in risk. I’m not seeing this as a good medical choice.

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  7. I had my first son circumcised. At the time I believed everything I had heard growing up in a very controlling religious group. It had never even crossed my mind to question it at the time, I KNEW it was best for him. but two years later when I had my second son, I had left that group and rejected their teaching. so I did some research and decided for myself that I did NOT want this done to my baby. My husband reluctantly agreed when he saw how strongly I felt about it. Now I have to figure out how to explain to the boys why they are different when they get old enough to ask questions about it.

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