Proof of Love Between My Children: Motherhood Moment #4

Owen Kissing Sydney at Farm

Proof of Love Between My Children

by Jennifer Andersen

Most Sundays we head to a local farm to stock up on produce for the week.  This time of year in New England sees an increase in visitors to places that grow apples and pumpkins.  But yesterday it was raining.  We did not have to worry so much about waiting in lines or losing each other in the crowd.  We could relax and remember the beauty of a quieter farm.

Which led to the above photo.

This moment is in me.  I may not be able to recall it next year, but it is here.  The laughter from both Kris and I as we watched the smooch, the rain coming down intermittently allowing us to feel it without becoming soaked, and the sound of the chickens from the barn just to our left are all somewhere within me.  I may not be able to recall what Sydney was wearing or what kind of cookie Owen was eating, but those are not the things that matters.  What is deep within me is the proof that there is love between my children and the total joy felt by my husband and I as we observed it, and felt our part in it.

Tell us about one of your Motherhood Moments.  They can be simple or more loud and obvious.  These times are sometimes joyous, and other times filled with anger and grief.  They all make up Motherhood, and by sharing them we can give a voice to this all-encompassing and complex role of mothering.

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6 Replies to “Proof of Love Between My Children: Motherhood Moment #4”

  1. Today I got to see my younger son help his Dad with painting! It was so good to see Father/Son together.
    Today I got to see my 10 year old happily get onto the school bus for an school trip and know that he was going to miss his brothers yet have lots of fun.
    Today I got to see my boys getting along and that was such a nice change (hormones with our 13 year old have a lot to answer for!!!)
    Today i got to have cuddles with my youngest while we read a story together.
    I hope tomorrow is just as good – and yep Parenting is like a roller coaster ride only more scary/more fun 🙂

    • Lisa,

      If you are not keeping a grateful journal, you can start with what you just wrote! What beautiful and specific memories to have noted. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    • Thank you for sharing your post, Liz. And ahhh… the “double why”! I have a five year old and cannot yet tell you when that ends 😉 It’s pretty glorious really, I suppose!