People Are Good: 5 Actions That Prove It

People are good. Not everybody is good, but most people are. Yes, we all have a lot of stuff we need to face. We have a lot of accountability we need to accept. We have a lot of work we need to do to make this world, and the US better. I do not believe it starts by “choosing love“. I believe it starts with action.

People Are Good: 5 Actions that Prove It
People Are Good: 5 Actions That Prove It on

Here are 5 beautiful actions that remind us of this truth: people are good and when given the chance many will rise to prove it.

1. Fifth Graders Unanimously Vote to Forfeit Basketball Season Instead of Kicking Girls Off the Team

When you feel hopeless, look to the children. I swear they always have the answers. This is a must read. I suspect it will stick with you and come up at the most unexpected times. Click here to read. 

2. A foster child himself, one Dad sets out to replace the trash bags foster children carry their belongings in with backpacks- and he is succeeding. 

This is real humanity. It all starts with one person who is sure enough that something needs to change. This is an inspiring story for when you are wondering if you have the power to create change. Click here to watch. 

3. Women Supporting Women: Expect the Best from the Best Whether or Not They are Famous

When I need a confidence boost- when I’m doubting whether or not I can do it, I play Pink. I’ve read a little about her. I can try to imagine all that she has overcome to get where she has gotten. She inspires me and I would have expected nothing other than this response from her.

People like to label women as catty, but this is reality. Click here to read. 

4. Barilla Moves to Support Gay Rights

People are questioning the motives. I wonder if it matters. Whether or not it is because their bottom line was affected, or because they stood up to do the right thing (finally) it seems to me this action shows that the tides are turning. Click here to read. 

5. Looking for Something Meaningful To Do? Pay Off School Lunch Tabs

I don’t know how to do it. I will in March- this is when we will pay off some lunch tabs as a family. There are many reasons I love this action item. I love it for the obvious reasons but also because it is a great and easy way for each of us to learn that we can figure stuff out. We do not have to wait for someone to tell us exactly what to do.

Call a school. Ask how to do it. Let this be an empowering confidence builder for doing more down the road. Click here to read.