Parenting Tips and Observations 1

The first round of a regular installment of parenting tips and observations, all gleaned from what is (and is not) working in my own home.

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4 Replies to “Parenting Tips and Observations 1”

  1. My beautiful, placid little baby is now 16 months old and reaching the “tantrum” stage. This last one is very relevant to me; she’s so much smaller, and it’s so easy to just overrule her when we’re out and she wants to walk in a different direction to me.
    I find I get a much better response if I ignore the people around us, kneel down to speak to her, and maybe give her a cuddle.
    Also, take a deep breath and think, well, really, does it matter if I just do what she wants right now? Do we need to be somewhere in the next 10 minutes? Does it matter if it takes us an hour to run a couple of errands? Usually not, and I find it’s me who needs to make a change, not her.

    • So beautifully said <3. The most challenging part is ignoring others and doing what's right for our child, isn't it?

      Thank you for your ever honest and insightful comments Single Mother Ahoy.

  2. Lovely! This is something I really needed to read today 🙂 My 18 month old has just started up the “tantrum” phase and it was a challenging day. Thank you!