Parenting Outside the Lines with Confidence: Motherhood Moment #5

Parenting Outside the Lines with Confidence

by:  Jennifer Andersen

These are not just any old ordinary bowling shoes.  In them stands four people, 2 young, 2 grown, who are finding their way.  Parents and children who are walking an unexpected and different path.  Kids who stay up late and do not go to school.  Parents who felt lost and unsure.

In these shoes stand four individuals who are growing with confidence- who have stumbled and fallen and yelled and threatened.   Two children whose trust for their parents grows each day, and a mom and dad who who are holding themselves more accountable.

These eight shoes came together on a cold and rainy friday night, long after most kids were in bed.  The littlest had napped and the oldest was thrilled.  The mouths of the four who wore these shoes laughed and smiled all night.  They ate pizza, they played games.  The shoes danced with the owners who wore them.

The feet that wore these rentals had been through the bad times;  the trying times, the scared times, the lost times.  These shoes though, they knew nothing else.  They knew only that the family was happy and in love and kind and respectful.  And maybe the feet could have told the shoes, but what did it matter?

Instead, the temporary footwear was returned to the shelf.  The feet who wore them though, felt different when they slipped into their familiar footing.  They stood a little straighter, and walked a little.  Their steps were more sure and steady.  They moved more freely.

The people whose feet they were, felt it too.  Somehow they knew that the hardest transition was behind them.  Moving forward,  decisions would be based only on what was best for the two littlest who wore these shoes.  The two who were grown wanted  those little feet to dance all the way through life.  And knew that it was their job not to let anything stop them.

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