Weekly Round Up: Parenting Articles from the Web this Week

Parenting articles from around the web this week!

Do Babies Under 12 Months Self-Wean?” by Kellymom.com

“Child-led weaning occurs when a child no longer has a need to nurse – nutritionally or emotionally. The solids part should rule out self-weaning in babies under a year since, for optimum health and brain development, babies under a year should be getting most of their nutrition from breastmilk.”  Click here to read.

South Africa
Kzn, South Africa Photo Credit: Roxanne Freeborn (Thank you Roxanne!)

Ten Tips for Real Food on the Road by Real Food.  Real Deals.

“Our food philosophy relaxes a bit when we’re traveling.  We end up eating more treats and processed food on the road.  However, I still like to find plenty of nourishing food for my family while on vacation.  We want to feel good while we’re away, and if we eat nothing but junk our bodies won’t be happy with us.  I tend to do a lot of food research and planning before we leave home so I can be relaxed about our food decisions while we’re away.  Hopefully these ten tips will help you to find some great real food when you’re on the road. ”  Click here to read.

New Hampshire, USA Photo Credit:  Jennifer Bennett (Thank you Jennifer!)
New Hampshire, USA Photo Credit: Jennifer Bennett (Thank you Jennifer!)

Quite Pointing your Avocado at Me by Momastery

I felt as if this woman had materialized for the sole reason of making me look bad. I am telling you that I decided right then and there that this mother was feeding her child avocados AT ME. And that also she had matched her child’s clothes that morning AT ME. And also that she had likely disciplined her child effectively for years AT ME. And that as icing on her (likely homemade and gluten-free) cake she was enjoying a lovely, peaceful, well-planned, healthy lunch AT ME. I felt judged. I felt like her approach to parenting was maybe developed solely to shine a big old spotlight on my “not good enough” parenting.  She was parenting AT ME, I tell you!”  Click here to read.

Cesarea, Israel Photo Credit: Noortje Giladie-Grootscholten (Thank you Noortje!)

Specific Changes After Different forms of Child Abuse (Science Daily)

“This is one of the first studies documenting long-term alterations in specific brain areas as a consequence of child abuse and neglect,” said Nemeroff, who is also Director of the Center on Aging. “The finding that specific types of early life trauma have discrete, long lasting effects on the brain that underlie symptoms in adults is an important step in developing novel therapies to intervene to reduce the often lifelong psychiatric/psychological burden of such trauma.”

Male’, Maldives Photo Credit: Maryam Hishma Shahid (Thank you, Maryam!)

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