One with my Son: The Blessings of a Layoff

Yeah, I feel blessed

by: Katie MacIntyre

The Summer of Connectedness

Lately, I have been feeling a little restless. Mostly, I believe it is because something is going to change. Mind you, I did not create the thing that will change, but I choose to embrace it.

Mid-summer I was layed off from my employer of nearly 12 years. More frightening to me was that I was the working parent, my husband the stay at home parent. I had to manage ego, finances and a toddler! But there was a sense of relief, a big sigh! A bigger part that I chose to let be, like blowing air into a bubble, and that was so so so exciting.

For these warm summer months I have been able to be so present, so connected, to walk every single day together with my son, take him on trips, alone and with my husband, cuddle longer, read together more, find new adventures together in simple things like packing a picnic or more advanced things like holding him while we go for a sail in the Finger Lakes.  Mind you, these have not been extravagant months, but they have been filled with family, fun, food and tons of fun!

The summer of 2012, will always be, for this mama, a summer of connectedness. I feel one with my son, who says ‘mama’ like a champ. At the same time, I am searching for a job, such a duality…embracing the days I have knowing it all changes so so fast. That’s the restless feeling…lucky for me a look at him sleeping so peacefully or hearing his rhythmic breathing snaps me out if it. I know soon enough I will be back to work and away from him for much longer than I want. For now, I know, that, yeah, I am blessed.

About the Author:  Katie is a marketing gal who will soon introduce her son to her 1899 home in upstate NY, down the road from Harriet Tubman and William Seward’s homes. She hails from NH and aspires to turn her entire yard into growing space eliminating the need for a grocery produce section and a mower.

What hidden blessings have you experienced?  What situation that seemed overwhelmingly negative turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to you?

4 Replies to “One with my Son: The Blessings of a Layoff”

  1. I was layed off from my job 3 months after I returned to work after my first son’s mat leave. I was also 3 months pregnant. I was a little scared to loose the income but it allowed me to be fully present with my son before my second was born an to focus on building my business (I am a childbirth educator, doula and placenta encapsulator). My husband and I focused on arranging our finances so that I can continue to be a work at home mom. My youngest is now 3 months and I am very grateful of all the time I get to spend with them. 🙂

  2. Last year my husband and I were on the brink of divorce. After having two small children we started to grow apart. We weren’t getting along and nothing seemed fixable. We were supposed to be moving to a bigger place in August. Instead, I found myself packing my things, along with our childrens, separately from his. It was terrible. It really hit us, what we were doing. After a lot of tears, heartache, and the absolute terrible truth was all laid on the table, we decided to work on things. This turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to us. We are closer now than we have been in the last 6.5yrs (since our son was born). We are finally in sync again and it feels great to have my absolute best friend back.

    • Tania,

      Honest accounts like the one you should shared inspire us. Your story encourages us to be honest with ourselves, and encourages us to open up and be vulnerable. It gives us confidence that what seems like the worst of things can turn out to be full of hope and joy. Your words made me picture what that time was like for you and your family. This gives me motivation to choose kindness instead of anger in my own relationship. Thank you <3

  3. Katie,
    Make me cry! How wonderful! I had a similar experience and although it was difficult at times, it wouldn’t change the time I got to spend with my boys the first few years of their lives! Best of luck you to and your Family!