Mother’s Day: My Gratitude Photo Journal

I knew today’s entry was going to be random pictures of my children.  Because Sunday is Mother’s Day and nearly all that matters to this mom is her children.  The trouble came when I tried to choose just  a few photos of each child.  I spent hours sifting through photos, calling kris in to my office to remember how little her toes were and how beautiful his smile.

With a desktop cluttered with some of my favorites- whether because of the image or the memory, I had to choose.  So I randomly placed my mouse on unnamed photos and inserted them here.  It was the only way this post would ever be completed.

Today I have not even shared thoughts for each photo, it is truly just a glimpse of my two favorite people.  The ones who convince me to keep going even when I think I can’t be a stay at home mother for another minute more.

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