Motherhood Moments Prompt #4: True Love

Today it was easy.  Owen, Sydney and I had so much fun just hanging out on the floor.  I got my workout in while they constructed a spaceship our of our toddler table, and when I was done I just sort of fell down, and stayed there.

We were probably there for an hour; tickling and laughing and cuddling and sharing.  The sun was streaming in through the window and the breeze came in more gently.  It was perfect.

I got up once- to grab my camera.  These were moments I wanted to capture.  And while I had to choose just one, I knew this was it.  Sydney was looking at me with stars in her eyes knowing without a doubt that I was the funniest, wittiest most amazing person in the whole world.  And of course, I feel just the same way about her.  About both of my children.


Thank you for spending some time with Our Muddy Boots.  


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Inspired by Family Magazine