Mornings with My Children: A Bit of Perfection

There are lots of struggles that come with being a 24/7 mom, but mornings with my children are a little bit of perfection.  by Jennifer Andersen 

Sydney and owen asleep on bed
Because really, what is better than this?

Often times when I wake up before my kids, I stay right there in bed.  I do not read a book, or check my phone. I just lay there; smiling and thanking God.

I bask in the darkness of our bedroom- light barely peaking in through the sides of the wooden blinds, and I feel the peacefulness of the bodies of my children.

I reposition myself so that I am in between my children, one of my babies on either side.  Their little bodies are outlined by soft blankets.  They are so still and calm and I know they are content.  I roll over and snuggle my loves.

Sometimes I think  “if I get up I could get so much done.  I could have a few minutes for myself to write or read or check Facebook without a child hanging on my foot”.  Then I hear the release of breath from one of my children and am magnetized to the spot that I am in.

I lay quietly, my mind calm from listening to their steady and rythmyc breathing.  I appreciate the meditation that they unknowingly offer me.

Eventually one of them begins to stir, and a smile spreads on my face.  I know that soon they will begin the process of waking, and with their eyes still closed they will move in to snuggle me.  They will get as close as they can and my arm will pull them closer.  Their precious and little bodies which are still warm from sleep, will start to move.

My babies faces will smile before their eyes open, and I will know that everything is right in our world.  Our day will dawn with snuggles and sleepiness and cuddles and kisses.  In these moments I will rest.  My shoulders will drop, my breath will come easily, and I will be perfectly present.

My children will feel it too.  They will know that there is nothing but them on my mind, and they will recall our waking moments as happy and pleasant and perfect.

There are lots of strugglesand mistakes that come with being an around the clock, stay-at-home-mother of two. This little bit of perfection brings me comfort and joy.

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5 Replies to “Mornings with My Children: A Bit of Perfection”

  1. When I am so smooshed during the night I can’t even move because I have my 2-year old pushing against my back and my 6-month old snuggled in my arm…yes, that’s when I enjoy it the most! I honestly feel so sad for those who have never experienced this gift!

    • Meribah,

      I agree. Kris and I often talk about what life would be like if we had a “Grown up” bedroom (with a mattress not on the floor and nightstand with book lights. We both become so sad and speechless when we really think about how different our family would be if we had chosen that path.

      I am glad that you are here and thank you so very much for taking the time to share your thoughts <3

  2. Though I am getting much better at this- I struggle with the morning time needs of my baby. I am not a morning person and I prefer waking up slowly (or not waking up at all for a while, but that is not a possibility). Anyways, I had a period when my now 10 month old and then 4-5 months would wake up next to me wanting to snuggle and I would push him away from me:( I cannot believe I did that and I’m happy I realized it soon thereafter. But I still want my space in the morning sometimes. I am working on embracing those smugly mornings and being more eager to get up. Reading this post helps. Anything that you might add will help too.