Love On The Rocks: Motherhood Moment #11

This photos is striking for me.

It represents that moment that every mother has when she thinks:  when did my baby become a not-so-little boy?  Owen’s expression, his calm happiness, the way he is responding to me, his mom… all of it is so special to me.

Then I noticed the shape that is in the rock directly above Owen’s head.  I did not even know it was there until I posted this photo.

This makes the picture completely accurate.

This is the guy who determined my most important role.  This is the one for whom I willingly gave up life as I knew it.  This is the kind, sweet, wonderful little boy who makes me choose to embrace motherhood.

I simply adore him.  I cannot snuggle, hug, smooch or hold him enough.  With all of our difficulties, I believe that Owen knows just how much he is loved.  He’s my guy.  My beautiful, wonderful, spectacular son.


Inspired by Family Magazine
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

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