Jennifer Andersen is the founder of Our Muddy Boots,a Baby and Child Rights advocate, writer, blogger, and public speaker.

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Jennifer with husband Kris, Sydney (3) and Owen (5).
Jennifer with husband Kris, Sydney (3) and Owen (5).

This is an unlikely path for me.

I had very different plans for how my children would be raised. We had a nursery set up for my son and knew he would sleep in it alone from his first night home. We would lead a typical life filled with school busses and back to school outfits. I would make lots of mom friends by volunteering at school events.

Then Owen was born. And everything changed. I did not want him away from me. Ever. And he wanted the same.

So now, we have a single bed in our home, a 4.5 year old and 2 year old nursling, and something drastic would have to change with our life circumstances for us to send our children away from me for school.

Still, once in a while I catch myself missing the vision that I had pictured for my family. Which is very odd, because there is not a single thing about my life that I would change. There are lots of things I need to improve (like more patience and better communication with my children and husband) but my life is just exactly as it is supposed to be.

Why was Our Muddy Boots (originally Pondering Jane) started?

I was so frustrated with the limited resources available nearly five years ago. They all seemed to support the very opposite of what my intuition told me do to care for my baby. So I started writing about it. At the time I did not even know what a blog was!

And now just a year or so later, I have found so many amazing, wonderful and LIKE MINDED!!!!! people (like all of you!). It has changed everything for me.

While I never doubted any of my parenting choices, it sure was lonely. I did not know even one other person making the choices that I was. Now, I share my choices more frequently and confidently. It is easier for me to do now because I am always thinking about how I wish someone had encouraged me that I was making all the right choices for my own baby.

Thanks for reading. I am so very glad to be here amongst such thoughtful, intentional and gentle parents!

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Younger days, when OMB began.
Younger days, when OMB began.


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