It’s Mother’s Week (One Day is Not Enough!)

Happy Mother’s week, Mothers.  Dad’s- we will celebrate you in June is just as big of a way!

We are  a humble bunch and I think it is good to take a whole week to acknowledge the importance of our role.  By the nature of our daily tasks, most of our accomplishments are celebrated and seen only by us.  In the end, we may get compliments on how well our children have turned out but it does not matter too much to us.

Because it is the day to day;  the creative ways we encourage our two year old to get dressed so that we can finally leave the house.  The ingeniousness of fixing a plastic horse that has broken using only twist ties and foil.  The intentional ways of encouraging sibling love, and the lack of compassion we often show ourselves because of a situation we handled poorly.

But this is a week for us to pause and reflect not only on our own strengths, but about our most defining moment:  the moment we became a mother.

So in the coming week I will be posting a little more often than I usually do- and it will all be about mothers.

I am going to keep a running list of everything that I am posting right here in case you want to check back.

 Mother’s Day Posts by Our Muddy Boots 

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Mother’s Day:  Wordless Wednesday (a video of our first days as a family of four!)

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