I Support Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding Her Daughter

The image that rocked the internet:  a mother feeding her child.  Yep.  The mother happened to be Gisele Bundchen, and the food happened to be breastmilk, you know, directly from the breast, but this was just a picture of a mother, feeding her child, and getting ready for work.  How could this image be upsetting?

Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding
Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding

Let’s put aside the irony that people love seeing far more of this particular woman’s body when it involves lingerie, apparently, the outrage from “real moms” stems from  Gisele’s privilege.  Does Gisele’s life status give her more clout in the normalization of breastfeeding? I would surely say so.  Instead of tearing her apart for this, we should be thanking her.

Making the choice to share this image was brave.  Gisele put herself out there to promote breastfeeding.  She used her power, privilege, and celebrity to empower mothers, and women, and make babies healthier.  She got mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers,  neighbors, uncles, aunts, grandfathers, grandmothers, naysayers and store clerks to think about a very famous pair of breasts, differently.  She redefined their importance.

Are you jealous of Gisele?

I mean, she is clearly “pampered” and “waited on hand and foot”. I can see being jealous, and if you are, get over it.  This is not about you.  This is another mother.  This is a child.  This is someone who is DOING GOOD THINGS FOR THE HEALTH OF THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD; celebrate it.

“I Would Like to See Gisele Experience What it is Like to be a Real Mom!”

The suggestion seems to be that Gisele is not a real mom.  It appears that many believe that because Gisele has people who do her hair, nails, make-up, laundry, cook, etc. , her connection and relationship with her child are not real.  Come on moms and dads, let’s rise above this.  Are we really so small minded and petty?  If I had the resources, these are exactly the things I would hire out, I’ve written about it before (read it here).

If we pretend that Gisele is not a real mom, the pendulum can swing the other way, too.  Those women with far less privilege may lose their status too.  Even with my strong beliefs about prioritizing children, I do not believe we should set any women up to have their status as mother revoked.

I support this photo.  I am grateful to Gisele for having the courage and commitment to post it.   When I look at this image, I see a woman who “has it all”, and chooses to keep her child with her, and nourished, as she does.  When I think of her being wrongfully attacked tonight, I feel solidarity with her.  It does not matter that our lots in life are so different.

This photo must be celebrated.  A famous women who makes lots of money by using her breasts to promote sexiness had the courage to redefine them.  Thank you Gisele Bundchen.  I may not have imagined myself typing those words before today, but now I mean them from my very core.

Your courage has done a very, very good things for babies, children, families, and the world.  You have my support, and the support of all breastfeeding advocates.  Way to go, Mama!




4 Replies to “I Support Gisele Bundchen Breastfeeding Her Daughter”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe there are people saying Gisele is not a real mom?! It is amazing what comes to people’s heads of an image that is so positive. You know, when I told other women that my mother did my laundry and housework and my husband cooked almost everynight for the first year of motherhood, so that I could breastfeed on demand and manage a small business at the same time, I would get comments like “gee, you are spoilt” – as if I needed to do everything to prove I was a real mom or housewife? A hint of jealousy also? Anyway, I love this image and would be great to see more pictures like these – of women Breastfeeding on the go or while at work.

  2. Indeed – attachment with a child, in any form, should be celebrated, regardless of what wealth the parent has.

    And you make a point, her having 3 people dote on her in this picture is part and parcel of HER JOB. She makes money selling her image, so the 3 people in the picture waiting on her hand and foot is part of her job. I think this is a wonderful example of mothers who can balance work and raising children, that they are able to bring their children to work with them. (Yes, she makes millions doing HER JOB, I know. Those are the breaks some people get in life.)

    What I think is noteworthy, on top of the pro-breastfeeding message, is the message to models and all of the other image-conscious women who abuse their bodies in unhealthy ways to get back into shape after babies. What she is demonstrating in this image is that she is still a world-famous model who ALSO breastfeeds, and clearly the breastfeeding is taking place well past 6 months (based on the size of the baby). This is a great message for models and other women who kick breast-feeding to the curb in favor of extreme dieting and losing weight for their body images. What Gisele is saying in this picture is that you can have both.

    • I never understood the mentality of women who stopped nursing to lose weight, It’s my understanding that nursing actually helps you lose fat faster. It’s like free cardio. All my friends who nursed lost a hell of a lot more weight than those who didn’t. I had one friend who joked about how she looked like some anorexic celeb when she was nursing her son.

  3. Well I live under a rock because I don’t even know who Gisele is. But I agree wholeheartedly with your applause for her sharing a behind the scenes snapshot of her life. I must confess that I was pretty annoyed when another celebrity who I will not name was championed for breastfeeding for 6 entire weeks after her baby was born. Seriously? When you have the resources to employ a full on entourage to care for you and your baby, you can only nurse for 6 weeks?! Everyone is entitled to their choice, but let’s be clear about what we applaud and when it’s more diplomatic to politely look the other way. The more people with influence who share themselves honestly and fully with their families and the world at large, the more we can all benefit.