I Listened to My Baby

When my oldest child was born I quickly understood that the concept of Mothers Intuition was real.

The obstetrician at the hospital told me to limit my two day old baby’s feedings before he started controlling me, but I listened to Owen instead.

Every piece of literature that mysteriously arrived on my doorstep after Owen’s birth sent me a message.  It said that I was selfishly risking the life of my baby by keeping him in bed with me*. But I listened to Owen instead.

I had nobody in my life who was making choices similar to mine, felt all alone, and feared that I may have  it all wrong, but still, I listened to Owen.

I listened and listened and listened to Owen and he continued to tell me exactly what he needed.  I searched and searched and searched for validation that I was making the right choice, and finally found it.

I found that Owen was right.

I found that his little body did need to be with me around the clock.

I found that Owen could be hungry even though he had finished a two hour nursing session just five minutes before.

Most importantly, I learned that my intuition could be trusted above all others and that I was the only one who could make choices for my child.

I now know that  nobody knows my children better, or what is best for them, than me.

This gives me a confidence and certainty about parenting choices.  And as it turns out, making these choices is much simpler than I expected.

Because really, all I have to do is listen.  And while I have lots of work to do on my listening skills, there has never been a greater motivator than mothering my children into happy and well adjusted people.


*always follow safe sleep practices when sharing  a bed with a baby or child




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  1. I love everything about your blog. Your stories make me cry.
    I love the layout, how it’s done,etc.. But I especially love the message.I’d like to link my blog to yours… but not quite sure how to do it…

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