I Like My Kids: I Have Never Cared About Being In Fashion Anyway

I Like My Kids
I Like My Kids by Jennifer Andersen

I go to bed at night excited because I get to wake up the next morning and spend the day with my kids. Every. Day.  It has not always been this way, but it has been for the last few years and now that I know how this feels I can’t imagine ever choosing another way.

It is not en vogue to like your kids, but I like my kids. It is not just social media that reminds us of this. Television, movies, books, magazines… they all remind us that kids are nothing but annoyances who lead us to rampant wine drinking. Entire YouTube personalities exist on illustrating what ass holes children are- and the world cheers them on. Clank.

Well, I do not subscribe.  In fact, this is bullying mentality and we are inflicting it on our most vulnerable and powerless members of society; children.

Before you get all up in arms because I do not understand how hard motherhood is, rest assured that I do. I remember the sleepless nights and nursing two children at one time. I remember trying to get a newborn to sleep while having a toddler who wanted to play. I remember saying out loud, crying really: “I FEEL LIKE I AM LIVING IN THE FREAKING TWILIGHT ZONE” when my husband would be traveling for two straight weeks and it was me, two babies, and a huge house.

“I Like My Kids” is Not a Lie: It’s All Backwards

Sometimes we like to “commiserate”- find comfort in knowing others are miserable too.  Though I would challenge you to remove the thought of misery entirely when it comes to your family, this is not what I am talking about. This culture of not being careful with our children has gone too far.

The sentence I opened this post with will draw mockery and jeers. We are cheered on for talking about how much life our kids suck out of us, but the moment we talk about how much we enjoy motherhood we are called sanctimonious liars. People say that we are not being truthful and that we are doing a disservice to mothers everywhere by pretending that we like motherhood.

Well, I like my kids. I like motherhood. I have gone through tremendous personal change to be able to say that so I say it proudly. I think my kids are awesome. There is nothing about them that makes them more lovable or enjoyable than other kids. I love spending time with them because I am their mother.

I hang out with with them all day every day and I am amazed by who they are; the thoughts they share, the things that interest them, the friends they choose… they are these two amazing people. Just like your kids. And yours. And yes, even yours.

Our house is not perfect by a long shot. I am a recovering yeller. We are working on different things with both of our kids. We have a long way to go.

But every night I close my eyes thinking about the moment my kids will wake up and come out to me groggy and with bedhead for their morning snuggle. I think about the moments the next day that will take my breath away and the ones that will cause me to shake my head with the disbelief of my good fortune; that I get to so fully know these two awesome people.

I got off the commiserating train a long time ago. With great intention I left the ship that carried the let’s bad mouth the children brigade. My truth is that while we are far from a peaceful home, I am crazy about my kids. I cannot believe how incredibly lucky I am to spend every one of my days with them and there is no place I would rather be. I do not need to escape them.

Tonight while tucked into my cozy bed I will have a smile on my face as I close my eyes. I will fall asleep excited about tomorrow- and all the tomorrows after that, because I get to spend them with my kids.



8 Replies to “I Like My Kids: I Have Never Cared About Being In Fashion Anyway”

    • Thank you, Talia <3 I felt that way when writing it. Like, "this should not be a controversial topic, but it is." I'm so glad to get to meet moms like you who feel the same way! Thank you so much for being such a great part of the OMB community <3

  1. I feel the same way!!
    Also a recovering yeller, there is no more remorse on my pillow when I have treated these wonderful kids with love and respect during the day. They are responding so well to love – much better than to fear or shame.
    Thank you for sharing your joy proudly!!
    Motherhood is a great gift!!

    • YES! “They are responding so well to love- much better than to fear or shame”. That’s it. Do you ever slip and notice how their trust goes away and they start acting differently? It is such motivation for me to keep responding with love and kindness.

      Thank you so much for sharing this great though, Analili <3

  2. “I have gone through tremendous personal change to be able to say that so I say it proudly.” This!! I’m experiencing this hard right now… ready to enjoy the change 😊

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to share this, Amy. So often when we talk about how empowering (and good for our family!) personal change is we are met with negativity. I LOVE seeing people share their triumphs! <3 Thank you for being here!

  3. Thank you! As a home educating family I regularly hear how I should want days to myself, peace, comments of being a super mum because I am with my five and six year old all day everyday. This upsets and baffles me as I feel so blessed and yes it is hard some days (I’ve been told my children must perfectly behaved for me to enjoy our lifestyle so much) but I am hard to be around sometimes if I am unwell, tired or upset just like my children. We are all human after all! I love being with my children and am happy I am not alone in this as there are many times it has felt so! Thanks again

    • Hi Tamara, it’s baffling, isn’t it, that we feel more lonely talking about how much we like our kids and enjoy being with them then people who do nothing but complain about motherhood? I cannot wrap my head around it. I am so glad you found some community with this piece and hope that you will engage with us often to stay connected <3 Thank you so much for taking the time to write.