Grumpy Loves: Motherhood Moment #2


Grumpy moments happen often for us, I just don’t usually capture them because, well, I’m dealing with them!

It amazes me how quickly a moment can shift.  In the photo before this one the kids are kissing and laughing and happy.  Then faster than my shutter speed could change, this became their mood.

I love that I have this moment captured.  It will forever remind me of all the parts of my children.  Not just the smiling and perfect moments, but the real moments.  The honest to goodness day to day- the challenges, the arguments, the fighting over toys and tears over shoes that have sadly been outgrown.

It will remind me of how hard mothering is- how all encompassing.  It will allow me to wonder less why I felt overwhelmed.

As my eyes fall on this image twenty years from now I will remember the challenge, and I will smile at the faces of my two grumpy loves.

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