Giving My Children the Freedom to Run



Giving My Children the Freedom to Run

Of course this is a Motherhood Moment.  It is my two favorite people in the world, running to my favorite place.

It is more than that too.  It is everything that I want my children to have.  It is freedom to run, the vastness of the ocean to explore, and the softness of sand to catch them when they fall.

I was trailing behind- close enough so that they knew I was there, and far enough away that I did not inhibit their movement.   Not long ago I might have forced myself into their moment…. talking them through all that they were experiencing, instead of letting them experience it.

I am learning to let my children go; to trust that they will get the answers they seek and ask for help when they want it.  It goes against my nature and personality, so I am learning about myself, too.  I am learning to be quieter.  Not artificially, but with a genuine desire to hear.

This image is now the screensaver on my phone.  I think it is beautiful, but that is not why it is there.  It is there because it reminds me to see the world as my children do- a big, beautiful open place with the safety of sand below their feet.  They know that the sun will warm their cheeks, and that the closeness of their mother is a request away.

This photo reminds me to give my children the freedom to run.  It encourages me to let them believe that the world is safe and beautiful, and fully worth exploring.

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  2. I completely agree. I love letting my son explore. We walk in the woods regularly near our home and I love just watching him experience nature. I always let him try things for himself, if he asks for help with something I encourage him to try again himself before doing it myself.

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