For Parents who Regret Circumcision: Knowing More

There are so many of us parents who regret allowing our children to be circumcised.  We wonder how we will talk with our son about it someday, and how we can possible move forward.  This is for Parents who Regret Circumcision

Knowing More to Do BetterMy Son Finally asked about his Circumcision

When we got to that one, my son looked at it, then looked a little harder at it. Then he said, “Mom, what happened to my penis? It’s all red!”  Click here to read.


Moms who Regret Circumcision

Mothers who speak out about circumcision regret not only save future sons, they do honor to their own sons and men like me who are survivors of circumcision.  They validate how what we have gone through is wrong and they give us, all of us, the apology we always deserved and never got. Click here to read.

What Will we Tell these Circumcised Boys?

Then there are parents of circumcised boys. There are the mothers who deeply regret cutting their sons, and I imagine these sons will fare pretty well emotionally, as they will be met with compassion and remorse from at least one parent.  Click here to read.

My Precious Love I am Sorry

My own story of learning the truth of circumcision and what I had put my precious baby through. Click here to read.

5 Replies to “For Parents who Regret Circumcision: Knowing More”

  1. While I don’t believe in circumcision for circumcision sake as has been shown by the fact I have 2 boys, one done and one not…..

    Please, please, for those of you anti-circumcision realise that, potentially, your voices could influence surgeons NOT to operate when medically necessary.

    My eldest son had a problem that was obvious, and a common family trait, from a baby. We took him to 3 surgeons over 4.5 years before they finally operated due to physical symptoms.

    Within 2 weeks of the operation, it became apparent he would require further surgery. He was sooo scalded from the contact of urine due to the foreskin being so tight, that once it was removed, the skin healed right over – narrowing his opening.

    Now, nearly a year later, after further physical symptoms, he faces another operation to widen the opening.

    After me promising that after the 1st op was done, everything would be better, and he wouldn’t have pain on urination again ! ……Makes me CROSS!!

  2. Parents who learn the truth and act to prevent it happening to other boys are helping to change society for the better. This forum it sadly very necessary. Good luck.

  3. I think the best thing circ regret parents can do……is be completely honest with their sons. Tell the truth about what happened…..what caused you to allow it to happen….what you have learned…..and why you would not do it again. Then followed by a heart felt apology. When we know better….we can do better.