Family Spring Break: 5 Questions to Help You Plan Yours

It’s time to start thinking about family spring break- for those who have been pummeled with cold and snow this year better words could not be spoken! When it comes to a family trip, how do you find a destination that will meet everyone’s needs?  Here are 5 questions to ask yourself (and your family members!) when planning your Family Spring Break Vacation!

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Family Spring Break: 5 Questions to Help You Plan Yours by Jennifer Andersen
Family Spring Break: 5 Questions to Help You Plan Yours by Jennifer Andersen

1. What does your family need this year? 

A healthy dose of sunshine? Experience skiing in powder?   Take a look at what your family needs individually and collectively. Are you in a spot where you are ready for adventure, individual time, and   being active? Maybe a ski vacation, or Eco Tourism is the way to go.  Has it been a busy year, and time together is important? Have activities kept you apart and you feel disconnected? Some time on the beach relaxing may be what you need to bring you back together.  Maybe you have faced some challenges as a family and are in desperate need of FUN! An adventure park (where thrills are provided without thought from you!) could allow you to let loose and smile freely!

2.  What do your family members want?

It is easy to get caught up in the logistics and tune out what our family members are really saying!  Pause from time to time to really hear what is being asked for. Kids know what they want too, and if we listen to them we can make everyone’s vacation a time to recharge!

3.  Do you have the gear/clothing?

Do you have the time, resources, and energy to get the gear and clothing necessary for your vacation? If not, reconsider your destination.  It is okay to say “I do not have it in me this year to pull this together, let’s save that destination for another year.” Allow everyone to be involved in planning the alternative.

4.  What can your family handle?

Have a toddler, and newborn twins? A trip to the far east from New England probably doesn’t make much sense! Evaluate what everyone is capable of. Does a ten hour plane ride really make sense? Or is it better to go somewhere that’s closer, or maybe even reachable by car?

5.   Are you being realistic with your plans? What is your Goal? 

Is this vacation comfortable financially? Is everyone on board? Does your destination offer something for everyone- accounting for their ages, interests, and preferences? What is your goal? Is it experience, connection, relaxation, or something else? Is your destination choice helping you to achieve this?

By being honest about what we want, what we can handle, and what we are ready for, we can plan a Spring Break Vacation that will give our family exactly what it needs- and isn’t that the whole point?

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