Eye of the Mother F&%$ing Tiger.

I have committed.

While I am sure that every body feels better when regular exercise is a part of their life, mine seems to require it.  Fogginess, haze, irritability and general “blah’s” are my bodies response to an inactive life.

So…I am back at the gym.  Like 4 days a week, which is now a major accomplishment for me.

Fine, so I did not actually win.

Just seven years ago I finished the Boston Marathon in a respectable time.  Six years ago I was one of the best in a ridiculously intense aerobics class.  And then five years ago, I got pregnant.  And I decided it was time to sit on my ass for a while.  Like ‘five years’ a while.

And today I felt like I made some serious headway.  We had sleet, freezing rain and wind here in New England, and  It was the perfect today to stay in pajamas and hunker down.

And I did just that.

Until my working-from-home-husband came down the stairs to say that he had a free  hour if I would like to use it while he watched the kids.  JOY!  I rushed up the stairs, threw on whatever gym clothes I could find and was at the gym within fifteen minutes.

I switched on my newly found Pandora Radio Station- “80’s Cardio” and got to it.  Today, I would set a new record.  14 minutes of running.  Big deal, right?  It is for me, now.

I have sung the praises of Pandora radio before (pun fully intended), and I will do it again.  Music matters!

And today the first song that came on was “She’s a Maniac”.   You know, from “Flashdance”. For whatever reason (my husband says that something wonderful happened to me in 1992 and I cannot move past it), this genre really pumps me up.

The station stayed true to its title and easily got me through ten minutes of running.  At twelve minutes I was feeling great when “Walk this Way” began to play.  “Well,” I thought  “I can’t stop while this song is playing”.  So I passed my goal, I had run for 15 consecutive minutes.

I was so freaking pumped!  I felt good!

I was comfortable, my breathing was not labored, and I could clearly see my future.  By the time spring came, I would enjoy hitting the pavement again, and that runners high that has been elusive to me for so long would make a triumphant return!

The pounds would shed, I would be comfortable in clothes again and I would be back to my natural state. Yeah!

Just as I was about to slow my pace to a walk and celebrate my hard earned victory, I heard it.

Bump.  Bump bump bump.  Bump bump buuuuump.

Say it ain’t so!

But it was.  It was EYE OF THE MOTHER F&^%ING TIGER!

My song of songs, the one that has been on every training mix I have ever made, placed perfectly for when I would need a massive boost.


Well, lace my shoes and call me a runner;  I ran comfortably through the whole song.  I even added upper cuts at all the musically appropriate parts.  I found my stride, and I was moving.

All the way to 19 consecutive minutes of running.

I could have cried when I finally slowed my pace.  Not because I was sore.  Because I was so blissfully happy.  And proud.

I felt like I was going to make it.  The once seeming fantasy of a healthy-again-me was going to be a reality.   That feeling of things flowing as they should within me and having energy and feeling happy would be mine!

I was back.  And the fear of returning to old and unhealthy habits seemed to disappear.  There was something about this day, this run that assured me I would stick with this.

And I want to say “Please, GOD let it be so!”.  Except that I know it is up to me to make the choice consistently.  And not to let one day missed turn into one week and one month.

Because there are always reasons.  And some of them are even good.

But for me, now, this year, I am making this a priority.  Because it is what is best for my whole family for a whole bunch of reasons.

What has been your turning point to get yourself healthy again if you have slipped? If you have not, what keeps you motivated?


3 Replies to “Eye of the Mother F&%$ing Tiger.”

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  2. I love this! The title cracked me up. When I was a rower in college, our premier event was in Philly, so of course we always cranked up “Eye of the Tiger” to get pumped for the race, in honor of Rocky. I would go to the gym every day if the kids were interested, but I let their desire be my guide, so we go about three or four times a week. My motivation is that when I allow myself some time to do something that is solely for ME, I become a better mom to my kids. So their happiness is what motivates me, and it is much more encouraging than working off that brownie I ate or because I should. The “shoulds” will take someone only so far in life, and I think striving for happiness is a better goal. Thanks for the inspiring post.

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