Tips for Eating Out with Kids

Miss going out to dinner, but do not want to leave your kids with a sitter?  Here are some tips for eating out with kids!

This post is sponsored by Netflix.  As always, all opinions are genuine and my own!

Eating Out with Kids1.  Choose the right time. Maybe we should call it “linner”. Restaurants are not busy around 4pm (and you can take advantage of those happy hour specials!) The kids are not tired or ready for bed and may be in that mid-afternoon lull, making it a great time to sit for an hour.

2.  Choose a Comfortable Spot. Maybe you can find a place that has couches and chairs around a table, or one with a little space around it in case the kids want to stand up for a bit.  Try to find a table near something to look at- the busy sidewalk, a TV, or even the waitstaff station.  Sit the kids in a spot where they can see the goings-on.

3.  Be Prepared. Pack a bag full of items that will entertain the kids- travel games (so pieces do not get lost) coloring books, modeling clay, anything that entertains your children.  When you are at the dollar store, grab a few items to set aside for dining out- small sticker books, notepads and pens… anything that your kids will find neat.

4.  Set yourself up for success. If you know that your kids are not in the mood, skip it. A failed dinner out leaves bad memories for everyone- making nobody want to try again!

Eating out with kids
A little cake and Netflix while mommy and daddy enjoy a glass of wine.

5.  Spend the day preparing. Spend the early afternoon doing something active with your kids- let them expend some energy. Make sure they have some time to calm down before going though- reading their favorite book or playing a board game may help.

6.  Bring the tablets. Especially if you subscribe to Netflix Just for Kids!* With the selection of movies and shows available, there is sure to be one that will keep your children entertained. Bring child-friendly head phones, make sure the kids are comfortable, and chit-chat away!

Netflix Eating Out Our Muddy Boots
Sometimes I just want to eat out and we do not have babysitters!

7.  Order Smart and make sure the restaurant offers desert. Order your children’s meal as soon as you sit down. The kids can enjoy a hot fudge sundae while you are eating your dinner, and you can have a pre-dinner cocktail while they are having dinner.

8.  Adjust your expectations.  This is not going to be a leisurely two hour, four course meal!  Plan on 45 minutes to an hour and be grateful for it.  Even if you wish it was longer.

It seems like this is a lot to do just to go out to dinner, but for those of us who really want to go out and do not have a babysitter, it is well worth the effort.

*Netflix Just for Kids is a great service and we use it all the time. Shows are available anytime, anywhere and  it is so easy to stream.  Common Sense Media helps to select all the content for kids ages 2-12.  Download the Netflix app on your mobile device or visit and you are in business!

Beating the heat
Using Netflix Just for Kids to beat the heat on a hot afternoon! We LOVED 101 Dalmations!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NETFLIX, the opinions are honest and completely my own!