Denver’s Elitch Garden’s Fright Fest: Fun for the Whole Family

Elitch Gardens Fright Fest

When we first moved to Denver I was looking out a window at the Denver Children’s Museum. It was a beautiful Spring day and I could see so much. It struck me that we live in a unique place when I could see Denver, the Stadium, and an amusement park all out one window. I have never lived in a place where a single city has so much to offer- all in walking distance.

As I learned about the history of Elitch Gardens I fell more in love with it. Last year, we had season passes and I though it was the coolest thing that for six months this was my children’s playground.

While we did not get season passes this year, we did get to attend Fright Fest. For those who are unfamiliar, this is when Elitch’s transforms from amusement park to Halloween/Fall wonderland. Each year I have been impressed with the level and quality of decorations- Main Street turns into a festive Halloween lane, pumpkins are available to decorate and take home (included in admission!), quality entertainment graces the main stage, and usually, the Denver sun shines down on it all.

During the day, this is a fantastic trip for the whole family. We have a blast! When the sun disappears, the zombies come out to play 🙂

My daughter wanted no part of the scare factor. She wanted to enjoy her usual time at Elitch’s with the harvest twist. She wanted to be assured that even without the sun the Zombies would not come after her. Here is where I was really impressed!

The Magic NO SCARE Bracelets!

On our arrival we went into customer service to get the scoop. We shared that Sydney was feeling trepidation about what happened at Fright Fest at night (it is clearly advertised that daytime is better for those who might be scared). The wonderful gentleman behind the counter offered us “NO SCARE” bracelets. What an awesome idea! During the night Sydney kept her arm raised high and was never bothered by the Zombies. She also chose to stay in Kiddie Land- the Zombies do not enter Kiddie Land, so she was able to enjoy Elitch Gardens right up until closing.

My son on the other hand couldn’t WAIT to be chased by the Zombies, and OH MY did we have fun! I literally felt like a kid again seeking out the monsters and playing with them! The actors were so well chosen- they seemed to know just the right balance of chasing and surprising us and backing off. They were playful, witty, and funny and I had a blast!

There were a couple of times my son needed a break from being scared. At these times he held up his bracelet and it was totally honored. One actor even said “oh you’ve got the magic bracelet” good naturedly.

Playing with the actors!

We were impressed with the quality of Fright Fest- from the decorations to the actors and everything in between. We didn’t make it into the haunted houses, but from the screams we hear coming out, I think it’s safe to say the delivered, too.

A big hats off to Elitch Gardens for implementing the NO SCARE bracelets. I really feel like this is keeping kids at the fron and center of the experience.

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