Cool Off With These Denver Family Excursions

This is our first summer in Denver, and we are excited! We got to see the mountains covered with snow (and even play in it!) this winter, and now it is time to see what warmer weather in Colorado brings!

I’ve spent some time looking for excursions for my family this summer, and these four are my favorites!

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Excursion #1

Where: Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Why I Want to Go:

Owen and I saw this park featured on a Travel Show way back before we ever knew we would be living in Colorado. As soon as we saw this swing:

Giant Canyon Swing at Glenwood Caverns

Giant Canyon Swing from Exclamation Point at Glenwood Caverns

we knew we had to get there! (And here we are. Funny how that works isn’t it?!) We don’t want to ride this swing just to say that we’ve done it… okay, we want to ride this swing just to say that we’ve done it!

Glenwood Caverns offers us other bragging rights too, like riding the longest alpine coaster in Colorado, and the highest elevation roller coaster in the US. I’m not going to lie- I might do these things while bawling my eyes out with fear, but I won’t cry while I am flashing my bravado!

For More Information: Visit Glenwood Cavern’s website by clicking here.

Excursion #2

Where: Leadville, Colorado

Why I want to go:

First, it’s the highest elevation-city in North America! At 10,152′, not many people have the chance to experience city living at such a high elevation.

Mineral Belt Trail vertical sm

There are other reasons, too. Not only can we experience the picturesque Colorado we have always heard about, Leadville is home to what was the largest and grandest opera house west of the Mississippi when it was built in 1879. It still hosts concerts today, including summer shows. Having this sort of history, at such a high elevation gets my mind turning… imagining what it was like “way back when”… wondering what the trip there was like, and how it felt to arrive.

Walking through the historic downtown, biking through trails with the kids, and topping the day off with a show at an historic Opera House sounds just like what this New England gal loves!

Excursion #3

Where: Winter Park Resorts, Colorado

Why I Want to Go: This is an idyllic Colorado summer family vacation! With Bungees, Trampolines, S’Mores by the fire, and free concerts and movies on Friday nights, this is a place where we can kick back, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy our time as a family!


There are lots of exciting events to plan your stay at Winter Park Resort around this summer, like the  Winter Park Chocolate Festival (June 14), Village Uncorked (July 5), Colorado Freeride Festival (July 24-27), High Altitude Flame-Thrower’s Chili Cook-off (August 16-17), Zoppe Family Circus (August 29-Sept. 1), and Whiskey & Wings Festival (Sept. 6-7).

For More Information: Visit Winter Park’s website, by clicking here. 

Excursion #4

Where: Elitch Gardens Denver, Colorado

Why I Want to Go: This is another place that the kids and I saw on a travel show. Our desires were confirmed on our first visit to REI. We saw this massive amusement park set right in the middle of a major city! I had never seen anything like it, and both of my kids went running toward it.

I love all amusement parks, and so do my kids.  Really though, I want to go to this one because of its unique location, and history. Denver was just 30 years old when Elitch Gardens opened its gates. Elitch Gardens was:

  • One of the first zoos west of Chicago
  • The home of Denver’s first symphony orchestra
  • Denver’s first botanic garden
  • Colorado’s first Children’s Museum and activity center
  • The site of Denver’s first motion picture theater, and…
  • Home of the Trocadero Ballroom

Today, Elitch Garden is a modern amusement and water park complete with a concert series and dive-in movies. I have a feeling though, that when walking through the park, its history will be felt!

For more information: Visit Elitch Garden’s website by clicking here.

All of these excursions have something important in common- they all offer my family an opportunity to play together. This is the biggest draw of all family vacations, isn’t it?

What are your summer vacation plans? Beach? Amusement park? Cabin in the woods? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. We used to live in Denver! One of the most awesome things about Elitch Gardens is they open about a month before public school lets out so if you have the chance to go during the day it is awesome because it is not very crowded at all. Some rides my kids got to ride over and over without standing in line. (We bought the season passes for this reason alone!)