Denver Children’s Museum- a Fun Way to Spend the Day

When we moved to Denver, one of the first things we gravitated to was the Museums. We did not yet know anybody, and we knew visiting a Museum would allow us to spend a day around people, doing interesting things. Of course, the Children’s Museum was top on our list.

The Bubble Maker at the Denver Children's Museum
The Bubble Maker at the Denver Children’s Museum

Settled in a spectacular location, the Museum is surrounded but Elitch Gardens, Bronco Stadium, and the Denver skyline. As newcomers to the city, we appreciated the view. Each visit starts and ends with time on the outdoor playground- my kids love it.

Each exhibit within was thoughtfully created, and several were ones we had not seen before. The Tinker Station was one of these, and is also one of our favorites. Recycled materials are available for the kids to use, along with workbenches and tools. As a mom, what I most like about this particular exhibit is that the tools are real, and kids are left to their imaginations. If they do need help getting started, they can pull a project design card, and build from that.

The Children's Museum Denver
The Children’s Museum Denver

The Farmers Market is so well done. As new Coloradans, we appreciated that this exhibit was not a store front, but a place to buy fresh and local fruits and veggies. Aprons, manual scales, and adorable stalls complete the exhibit, and give my kids an appreciation of eating locally.

Tuesday is Science Day at the Museum- and a wonderful teacher takes the children through a structured activity. Terarriums and exploring germs with glow lights are two recent “classes” we have attended. Both of my kids, 5 and 7 attend these by choice, and have enjoyed them. The teacher clearly enjoys what she is doing, and puts a great deal of thought into what kids will enjoy.

There are many other things to do at the Children’s Museum of Denver. Launching paper space rockets, examining stuffed animals in the Veterinarian’s office, standing in a  bubble that you make yourself, creating art, resting in a bird’s nest, and using air to catapult plastic bottles are all things that my kids (and I!) enjoy.

Science Tuesdays at the Museum
Science Tuesdays at the Museum

The Children’s Museum of Denver is open 7 days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday the Museum is open from 9-4, and Saturdays and Sundays from 10-5. A wonderful offering is extended open ours on Wednesdays- from 9-7:30.

The Museum offers all sorts of special programing, from Story Time, to special activities. To find out what is happening on a particular day, click here. If you want to check out pricing, and see if discounts are available, click here. To explore the Museum virtually, click here.

Have you been to the Children’s Museum of Denver? What is your child’s favorite exhibit?

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