Quickstart: Cry It Out

A short and concise collection of information that parents must consider when deciding whether or not to let their baby Cry It Out.

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The Potential Dangers of Cry it Out by Dr. Ben Kim

“When the caregiver is consistently responsive and sensitive, the child gradually learns and believes that she is worthy of love, and that other people can be trusted to provide it.”

Dangers of Crying it Out by Darcia Narvaez

“We know now that leaving babies to cry is a good way to make a less intelligent, less healthy but more anxious, uncooperative and alienated person who can pass the same or worse traits on to the next generation.”

“Many parents who follow more ‘natural’ methods are forced underground, unaware of all the others out there trying to follow their instincts in isolation. They can end up feeling like outcasts and crackpots in a world that wants to diagnose them and correct them. I wish I had a penny for every time I have heard a parent bemoan their distaste for ‘controlled crying’ or similar prescribed techniques that require ignoring their child’s cries. These parents feel deprived of support for their beliefs. ” Robin Grille

Harvard Research Decries Cry it Out by Alvin Powell of the Harvard University Gazette

“Instead of letting infants cry, American parents should keep their babies close, console them when they cry, and bring them to bed with them, where they’ll feel safe.”

In the interest of having something for everyone, so that we all can learn the truth, here is a video about leaving baby to cry:

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