Connection: My Gratitude Photo Journal

With all that we went though at the beginning of our family, and all of the wrong choices and mistakes that I have made, there are some decisions that I could not be more pleased with.

So this week, I am grateful for:

Sleeping “uncomfortably”

and just hanging out.

For contentedly riding

and sleeping so too.

For snuggling in close,

and closer yet still.

And of course most importantly, with all of the faults and mistakes and wishes of things done differently,

I am grateful for the connection and happiness that these choices bring:

Because at the end of the day we climb into bed, while some nurse to sleep and others snuggle in. We all are together and are happily close, counting our blessings for it all ending well.

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Some of the images above do not exemplify safe bedsharing practices.  In those cases there was an adult nearby that had either just gotten out of bed or was overseeing nap time.