A growing collection if circumcision information so that parents can become informed before their child is born.

If you are new to learning about circumcision, this is a great video to get started:

Circumcision Information and Resources Page 

Saving Our Sons

The Whole Network

How to Talk to your Husband About Circumcision

Stories from Parents Who Regret Circumcising their Children

The Profitability of Circumcision (a flow chart)

Proper Care of the Intact Penis

FAQ’s About Circumcision

Pain Control During Infant Circumcision

I am Jewish, My Son Must be Circumcised

All Jewish Parents Circumcise their Sons

What to do if your son has been forcibly retracted


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  3. Please check out
    An amazing resource, constantly building and bettering to educate people new to learning what circ *is*.
    There is an associated Facebook group as well – Your Whole Baby – a community for learning

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