Choosing Connection: My Gratitude Photo Journal.

I have watched Kris’s transformation as a parent.  I do not think he will mind me saying that he had no idea how his life was going to change once we had a child.  In fact, I do not think he believed it would.

Couple that with a wife who does not back down and whose own views of parenting were turned upside down, and my poor husband was in for quite a ride.  Like most dads though, he always wanted what was best for our children and he trusted their mother.

Today, I am grateful for:

A daughter who loves her dad,

and a father who is madly in love with his children.

For a father who always “needs” a hand,

and who never runs out of strength.

For encouraging projects to take longer,

and insisting that comfort always be given.

Today I am grateful for the father of my children, who has chosen connection… over and over again.

Happy Father’s Day Kris!

7 Replies to “Choosing Connection: My Gratitude Photo Journal.”

  1. I adored this. Especially, the part with him fixing the fence. So sweet! What a good daddy! Happy Father’s Day to him!

  2. My favorite picture is the last one. A different view with the kid upside and such real smiles.