Choose Courage: Knowing More to Do Better

Speaking up takes courage, and courage is a choice.   Here are 4 articles as a follow up to yesterday’s piece:  Informed is Not Extreme.

Knowing MoreCourage:  Doing the Right Thing by Sam Randford

“All that said, courage will always be a choice. Every moment that demands courage will also come with the temptation to take an easier path. But the more we keep choosing to be courageous, the easier it is to keep choosing that way.”


Unless Someone Like You Cares a Whole Awful Lot by Barrel of Oranges

“Apathy is the human condition. Conformity is how the masses are controlled. Most people live much of their lives never questioning the status quo. In fact, that’s why social justice is such a monster. The status quo is in charge.”

Protest Stories, Standing up for Injustice 

“We must summon the courage to confront our fears and take action. If we just let things slide, we are complicit.”

Six Steps to Speak Up by

“You know another moment like this will happen, so prepare yourself for it. Think of yourself as the one who will speak up. Promise yourself not to remain silent.”


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