Bringing My New Daughter Home on Thanksgiving

Sydney and Owen
Owen meets Sydney

Bringing my new daughter home on Thanksgiving Day was special.

We came home to a fire in the fireplace, Thanksgiving meal delivered by mom, and aunt and big brother waiting for the new arrival. Owen’s first words to Sydney were “Sydney, you’re my very best friend in the whole wide world.”

The air was cold, the trees were nearly bare and the grass was brown. Maybe the contrast of bringing home a young life at this time of year heightened my sense of new beginnings. Having my husband, son and new daughter surrounding me made me feel whole.

I don’t know the biology of it, but I know that we experience these feelings of completeness and contentment for a particular purpose. It must be at our very core and at the deepest of levels, because somehow these moments of perfection carry us through the rest of our time as a family. They hold us together through all of the challenges, craziness, sleepless nights, sickness, disagreements and mistakes. This memory that sometimes feels distant, is why we continue to do it, even though many times we want to run away, and give up.

And now my daughter is one year old. Again, we have made it through the first year and are onto new sets of challenges, worries and concerns. This time, though, I understand that the joy only increases, the bonds grow deeper, and that each stage brings with it a joy greater than the last.

Today, I would like to wish my daughter a Happy 1st Birthday. Each year we will reflect on her birth, and the time leading up to it. We will remember the joy she has brought us, and recall the challenges we have worked through. We will fondly remember watching the relationship with her brother develop, change and deepen. We pray that we guide and encourage her in the ways which we are most capable, so that she has the foundation, confidence and tools to follow any path that she desires.

Happy Birthday Sydney!

A One Year Old Sydney and I.

Jennifer Andersen lives in a Boston Suburb with her husband and 2 children and is the founder of Our Muddy Boots.

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