3 Replies to “A Message About Breastfeeding in Public”

  1. Thank you! Recently I was told if I go to a family members house that I need to cover up or go into a different room because I make grown men uncomfortable. And I’ve been really struggling with this. Someone in our family can’t accept me breast feeding and I have to hide from them and exclude myself from the group so I can feed my son. And it makes me mad ans sad and frustrated. Its their house and I want to respect that but at the same time I am uncomfortable hiding my breast feeding so we end up leaving early from family gatherings and getting asked why and now its so uncomfortable to be there I don’t know what to do.

  2. How lovely to see a video! So much easier to get the message across!

    Posts like this make me glad to be in the UK. When I used to NIP all I ever got were indulging, approving smiles.
    Though one time in a cafe a friend was mixing formula for her son, and someone she vaguely knew walked by and said “oh, I see you’re not doing it the proper way then!”