Quick Start: Breastfeeding Basics

A concise and manageable collection of articles as an introduction to Breastfeeding. 

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5 Tips to Ensure Breastfeeding Success by Full Belly Sisters

“But for so many families I had the opportunity to care for, this lovely vision remains a bit elusive. For those of you for whom everything may not easily fall into place, here are five important things a new mom can do in the first 24 hours after delivery to help ensure breastfeeding success.Many new moms and dads worry that baby is nursing too much, or not enough.”

Breastfeeding your Newborn by Kellymom.com

Frequent nursing encourages good milk supply and reduces engorgement. Aim for nursing at least 10 – 12 times per day (24 hours). You CAN’T nurse too often–you CAN nurse too little.Some moms will worry that they are not producing enough milk, that it has not come in quickly enough, or that they need to supplement their milk with formula.

“Booby Traps” of breastfeeding by Best for Babes

“Most moms are not making it past the first few weeks of breastfeeding because they are being sabotaged dailyby cultural and institutional barriers — or as we call them, the “booby traps!”   Think about it.  Why, all of a sudden, for the first time in millennia, do women fear that they are not capable of producing enough milk for their babes?   Why do we hear so many stories of women who “couldn’t” breastfeed, or that it was hard, or painful?”

Here is a comparison of breastmilk and formula.

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