Bedtime Can Wait. A Letter to My Son.

It is nice to be able to connect with our first born child after a baby joins the family.  “Bedtime Can Wait” is a letter to my son.

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Dear Owen,

It is 9:30 PM and Daddy and I have just come downstairs from putting you to bed.  Really, you should have been in bed hours ago because you were tired, but Sydney went to sleep early, and well, we were just enjoying your company so much.

Every once in a while Daddy will say “hey look at that Owen, it’s the original three!” and we  revel in it.  Not because we don’t adore Sydney, but because it allows us to remember the special relationship the three of us have.

You were our first.  We learned everything with you and you taught us so much.  I think because of that you developed a level of patience far beyond your years (it was necessary given that neither your mom or dad would be described as patient individuals).

Though you have inherited our energy level (high), reactivity (also high) and passion (yes, also high), you possess a significant amount of compassion and thoughtfulness that must come from needing to keep your parents calm.

After you went to bed tonight, I quickly cleaned some stuff from the fridge, and found a banana only half eaten.  This was not strange, as we often keep half eaten bananas in the fridge (really, we do, it keeps them fresh).  Upon finding it, I reflected on watching you put it there earlier as I have watched you do so many times before.

You said to Sydney “we’ll put it in here for you for when you are hungry later, okay baby girl?” She followed you and listened intently.   And when you said it I stopped and fully realized what you had done.  You of course, had no idea I was watching.

We kept you up tonight because you were so flipping adorable playing restaurant with us.  Daddy and I were sitting on the couch enjoying a glass of wine and you were taking our orders and then concocting them in the kitchen.  We kept joking with you as you ran to the kitchen to make our orders by calling you back.

“Excuse me, Chef?!”  we could call.

You would return to us, belly laughing,  only to hear us say that you must prepare the food more quickly because we were STARVING!

Finally you said:

 “Listen, I am running as fast as I can to get to the kitchen before you call me back here.  But I canNOT make your order if you don’t let me cook.”

We thoroughly enjoyed our granola with peanut butter and chocolate sauce (really, we did).

You are so much fun to be around and we so enjoy our time with you.   There is nothing like your uncontrolled giggle.  Your whole face shines with the laughter, and each and every time it sends me into a laughing fit that I can not pull out of.

In spite of my lack of patience and understanding that you are not yet four, we really are having a great time, Owen.  I am working to be a better mom for you.  I pray about it every day.  You are so loving and kind and you deserve an amazing mom.

Your Dad and I simply adore you, and our bond is unique, special and there will never be another like it.

I love you, Owen.



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