Barefoot Books: Children’s Books That Represent all Children and Families

I am an Ambassador with the company shared below. If you fall in love with these books the way I have and decide to order or join our mission, and do so through one of my links you would be supporting my business- which I would be grateful for <3 If you would like to check them out a little more, you can join my Facebook group by clicking here– it’s fun 🙂

The more I have learned over the last few years the more glaringly obvious it has become that books, television, movies, and the media represent a very specific group  (white, able-bodied, cisgender, more) of people. I had a class in college (I was an elementary and special education major) about multicultural education. I thought it was great, but I did not get it.

You all know that I do not take many sponsored posts or advertisements on this blog. Barefoot Books is a company I will proudly represent. All one has to do is turn through the pages of just about any of the Barefoot Books to notice a difference- every child is not white. Every child is not thin. Every child does not walk on two legs. Every child does not have one mother and one father. Every child is not Christian.

Diverse and inclusive children’s books for all children.

Until recently, I did not understand what a big deal this is. I did not understand how important representation is. I do not pretend to get it now.  Many of you also know that I am trying to learn. And I have learned that representation matters. These books offer representation.

I hope you will take a look at these books and consider making many of them a part of your library. They are important and I love supporting a company that promotes inclusivity. From books about autism, kindness, empathy and compassion, to fun and silly books about pets, there really is something for everyone. 

Please note that as a Barefoot Books Ambassador, I do make a commission for every book sold through this link. Thank you for your support. I am passionate about these books. When you get one in your hands, you will be too.

Not only do these books represent all children, they are illustrated beautifully by incredible artists.  The pages are not thin paper- they are a thick silky paper that feel good in the hands of children. They are inviting. I will proudly share and promote these books regularly. Click here to browse these wonderful books!

Join My Mission to Get these Important Books into as Many Hands and Libraries as Possible!

I am putting together a group of bloggers and parents who want to share this message, too. It is a terrific work from home opportunity- and what is better than sharing inclusive and diverse children’s books- especially in the current climate?

We have a real opportunity to make a difference by promoting books that show all children truly do matter- and I would love to work together to share this message far and wide. If you’d like to join us- or just chat about the possibility, please send me an e-mail: jennifer at ourmuddyboots (dot) com, click here for our contact page, or find me on the OMB Facebook page.

Yes, this is an income generating business. Yes, it is direct selling. I know some people get hung up on this. Please don’t. The messages that Barefoot Books promotes are too important and together we can have a real and significant impact.

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