Backyard Exercise Workouts for Moms and Dads with Kids

Sometimes we want to workout outside, but our kids don’t feel like riding in a jogger.  Plus, we may want to break up our running or workout videos.  Here are backyard exercise workouts that you can do with your kids, or while they play in the yard.

Backyard Exercise Workouts

The point here is to move as much as possible and get a good sweat going.  I am not a trainer, a doctor, or a fitness professional.  This is what I do to MOVE MY BODY in the backyard while the kids are with me.  Do what works for you, and sub out anything you don’t like.  The whole workout is 31 minutes.

I grab a stopwatch (on my phone) and do the following:

3 Minutes Light Jog/Follow the Leader around the Yard. I use this to warm my body up. The kids have fun following me around the yard.

My kids follow me along the path, where I jump if I am feeling ambitious:

backyard exercise workouts path

I skip on some rocks,

Backyard Exercise Workouts Skip Rocks

Hop over a rock wall (without the kids!),

Backyard Exercise Workouts Rock Wall

And leap a chair in a single bound:

Backyard Exercise Workouts Chair

4 Minutes Stretching Here is a link for some good stretches.

2 Minutes of Intervals (High Knees/push ups):  I alternate between 30 seconds of high knees and 30 seconds of push ups. I just do what I can and keep moving.

How to do High Knees:

2 Minute Rest/Play with Kids

3 Minutes of Tag You’re it with the Kids, and I DO NOT STOP RUNNING (unless I am tired and need a rest, but not because the game has paused!).

1 Minute Rest  

2 Minutes Ski Jumps Over the Hose  I lay the garden hose on the ground and ski jump back and forth over it, one side to the other.  I jump with both legs until I am tired and then with one leg.  If I am feeling full of energy, I jump to one end and then turn around and jump to the other.  If I am not, I jump to one end and walk or run back to the beginning.

Backyard Exercise workouts
Owen demonstrating!

How to Do Ski Jumps:


2 Minute Rest  

2 Minutes Jumping Jacks  I work up to doing as many as I can.  When first starting out I break this into 30 second intervals, 30 seconds of as many jumping jacks as I can, and 30 seconds of walking around the yard.  Then repeat intervals for a total of 2 minutes.

How to do jumping jacks:

1 Minute Rest

3 Minutes Races with the Kids.  We use the hose as our finish line and race back and forth as much as we can. Again, I do not stop moving unless I need a rest, and I talk to my kids and whoop it up the whole time.

2 Minute Rest

2 Minutes Cross-Country Ski.  Done in the same way as jumping jacks (increasing my time spent cross country skiing as my fitness level increases) I start with 30 second intervals.

How to Cross-Country Ski: (at exactly 2 minutes into the video.  This video shows some other options for cardio that you can choose instead of the stuff I have listed.  Remember- the whole point is to keep moving!):

1 Minute Rest

1 Minutes Push Ups

How to do a Push Up:

That’s it!  If I’ve worked hard, I am sweating, my body feels tired, and my muscles are sore.  Is it a workout at a gym with a fitness professional? Heck, no.  I wish it was.  But when my kids are with me and I need to move, this is one of the things I do.

How do you workout when your kids are with you around the clock?

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