Advocate for Breastfeeding Because it is Best for Babies

What do you advocate for?  Wishing things had been different, or truth?  I advocate for Breastfeeding because it is best for babies.

This week I learned that there are “Formula Advocates”.  These efforts are irresponsible.

Breast is best. Nobody with any credentials or knowledge will say otherwise. “Formula Advocates” know this too.  They are sneaky in the way they enlist parents- they mask the issue with words like “judgment”, “choice”, “mommy wars” and “rights of the mother”.

They use phrases like “don’t let anybody tell you that they are a better mother because they breastfed” and “you have a right to feed your baby any way you want”.

These individuals are making these issues about them, and typical of our society, not putting what is best for baby anywhere in their conversation.  This is yet another example of how little we value our children.

These statements negatively and directly impact the health of babies.  

The benefits of breastfeeding surface regularly in addition to the ones we already know, and they are vast.  If you are rallying and convincing mothers to use an option that causes known health risks for their children, you must reevaluate.

Have no doubt, some people will always rally behind the voice of mediocrity.  

For those who have learned information too late and it weighs heavy on your heart, know that you are not alone.  There are a great many of us who have been deceived; from being told it is okay to leave our baby to cry, that circumcision is necessary, or that using formula “is nearly as good as breastmilk”, you are in sad, but good company.

We do not have to remain stuck in the cognitive dissonance of pretending that we chose well.  We can admit that we wish things had been different and move forward.  We can work hard to make sure that the next family knows the truth.

Those who choose to spread untruths at the expense of babies and families can join us too.  Right now.  You can stop advocating for untruth, and start advocating for our most helpless and fragile members of society.

This is my choice;  I am a baby and child advocate.  I am committed to sharing the truth and knowledge that is best for babies and children.  Many times this means that I have to admit to painful and wrong choices that I have made for my children.  I will not let an inability to accept responsibility and deal with the grief of my choices prevent another baby or child from getting the best option available.

The only person I am trying to be better than is the one I was yesterday.  By this measure, I am a smashing success.

I cannot understand advocating for something that is proven subpar.  When it comes to our children, we should be working together to make things better for them; from the very beginning.

I was quickly educated on the inaccuracies of this piece.  Breast is not best, it is normal.  Here is my correction.

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4 Replies to “Advocate for Breastfeeding Because it is Best for Babies”

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  3. But what about people like me, who had a very traumatic childbirth, and never produced breast milk, whose baby never would have been able to latch on because she had low muscle tone…I tried and tried, and nothing but a few drops came out. I had nurses spending 45 minutes at a time trying to help, and finally they got the formula and said that my child needed to eat. 2 weeks later when she was hospitalized again I had the lactation consultants all over me trying to help me breast feed, and it did not work.
    I know that breast is best, but sometimes it is impossible.

    • Mary,

      I am sorry that things were so difficult.

      I ask you to read this article a little differently. This article has nothing to do with mothers who breast or formula feed. This article has to do with those who advocate for formula. If we continue to “advocate” for formula, we steal resources from educating nurses, mothers, fathers, neighbors, and so on. Formula was invented as an Rx for the few mothers who could not breastfeed. Now, most mothers believe they are not capable. We need to change that.

      The more we educate about breastmilk, the more likely people will be to use and donate donor milk, for families like yours who need an alternative.

      It is easy to mix up our sadness and frustration with judgment- in fact, it is extremely difficult to keep it separate. We must though. It’s the only way families will have more resources.

      Thanks for stopping by Mary. I hope that things are better.