A Chill Week: My Gratitude Photo Journal

This week gave us more ridiculously warm weather here in New England, resulting in a pretty chill week for the kiddos and I.

So today, I am grateful for:

“Getting Out” for St. Patrick’s day,

And taking time to check out the water.

For baking in a friends mud kitchen

and reciprocating with a day of water play and rolling toys.

For hearing unexpected tunes wafting through the air

and not thinking twice before indulging in their goodness.

For yet another day to chill at the beach

and a little time for solitary exploration. 

And this week I am especially grateful for savoring every sip,

Because even after a chill week, some time relaxing with the husband can be the best part.

Thank you for spending some time with Our Muddy Boots.  


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