5 Easy Changes I Made to Feel Better

A couple of years ago I was about to turn 40. I felt lousy. I was significantly overweight, and couldn’t move in the ways I wanted. My skin looked old and frail, I had no energy, my sleep was horrible, and I lived in a near constant mental fog.


5 Easy Changes I Made to Feel Better by Jennifer Andersen OurMuddyBoots.com
5 Easy Changes I Made to Feel Better by Jennifer Andersen OurMuddyBoots.com

I knew something had to change, but I had no idea what to do- where to start. Though I wanted to lose weight, it was not my priority. I just wanted to feel better.

A friend introduced me to the power of nutrition, and I understood. I mean, it made sense to me, but how would I get started? It’s a catch 22 when you want to feel better, but don’t have the energy, mental clarity, or knowledge to make the necessary changes.

Here are 5 changes I made to start feeling better:

  1. I decided that things needed to change. I knew I didn’t want to spend my forties feeling like I did in my thirties, or even twenties. I kept an open mind about solutions, and started looking for them.
  2. I changed my attitude about age. Rather than thinking “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, or that I was on the “downhill of my life”, I took notice of people twice my age who were still feeling great- and there are lots of them! This allowed me to set a goal that excited me.
  3. I learned about the importance of plants- that is, fruits and vegetables. There is lots of conflicting information about what helps us feel better- but one thing that is consistent in just about every ‘plan’ or ‘philosophy’ I found is the necessity of fruits and vegetables for our bodies to function at optimum performance.
  4. I learned about toxins that are in my body- without letting it terrify me. This can be a rabbit hole- but I kept my head on. I tried to look at this without emotion- more scientifically. Everyday my body is filled with toxins from all sorts of sources. It’s my job to figure out how to eliminate as many as I can, without letting it make me miserable or consume my life.
  5. The catalyst for me was getting a true rainbow of fruits and vegetables into my body consistently, and everyday. Not only do freggies help with detoxification, they do so many other good things for my body. Within a couple of weeks my energy was up, and I was able to focus on what other changes I needed to make.

It’s just about two years later, and my changes have been simple and gradual- for the most part (I just finished 10 days doing this in a more intense way). I have kept my head on. I have continued to live life in a way that makes sense for me.

We still eat out. We still have french fries. For me, it’s not about elimination- or should I say, if I make it about that, I fail.

For me, it’s about choosing the things that really make me feel good, and focusing on those- right along with making sure I keep things in perspective. Learning this has allowed me to make choices that are allowing my body to do what it does, so that I feel better- happier, more energized, and more full of life.

Now I’m in my forties and am feeling so much better than I did in my twenties or thirties. I continue to tweak things, learn, and adjust. I know that within the next 12 months I’ll be feeling the best I ever have in my life, and that feels amazing!

What easy changes have you made to feel better? 


4 Replies to “5 Easy Changes I Made to Feel Better”

  1. I would love a little more details about this if there are any 🙂 Obviously more freggies, but what are you finding/doing about the toxins? I’m getting to a similar place as I’m nearing 30 – no problems with getting older, just more “I’m too damn young to feel this way!” My baby step right now is focusing on eating things that make me feel good instead of what I am or am not “supposed to” and drinking more water.

  2. I’d like to know more about toxins too please. I felt like you were writing my story on how I feel to be nearly 48… ;(